Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday's blog was about the diversity of modern family life. We saw how Newsround sometimes gets it wrong. But sometimes Newsround gets it right too. On the 5pm edition that day there was a press pack report from Jade about caring for her mum. Jade is a member of York Young Carers Revolution.

Blogs on 10 May and 15 May referred to Nick Robinson's politics in the 1980s, and the suspicion that he was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher's beliefs. I'm still waiting to hear back from Nick, but since those blogs a well respected journalist has acquainted me with Cherwell, the Newspaper for Oxford University students, which also has an online edition.

In the 1980s Nick Robinson was awarded the epithet of Red Robbo by some of his Thatcherite contemporaries. Conservative politics was in a state of considerable flux at that time as discussed in a 2006 BBC documentary called A Burst of Freedom, part of which can be heard here.

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