Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perfect families (part 2)

Shortly before the general election Gordon Brown answered questions on a BBC radio phone-in presented by Nicky Campbell. One person wanted to know why Gordon so often talked about support for decent hardworking families. Why was Gordon so keen to mention hard-working families, and not simply hard-working people? The caller took Gordon's repeated use of 'families' as an affront to those people who were on their own, or perhaps didn't have kids living at home.

In part 1 we saw how Newsround presenters Leah and Ore imagined a 'perfect' Olympic family logo - it would comprise mum and dad holding hands, surrounded by a clutch of happy kids. That, according to Leah, was all about inclusion and including everyone.

Sorry Leah, but that, in itself, is not about inclusion.

Families are diverse. Many families are made up of a mum, dad and kids, but many aren't. What about single-parent families, families with no kids, families with two women or two men, or families in which children are the carers?

Moments later, perhaps realising the truth, Ore proclaimed: "Now we're talking rubbish."

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