Monday, May 23, 2016

Many people are concerned about giving hormone blockers to children. An internet forum discussion broached the topic recently, with veteran trans activist, Carol Steele, claiming: "Those [children] that are simply displaying gender variant behaviour will grow out of it and will not even get near to blockers.."

Dave: If only that was true. Unfortunately the BBC and the Tavistock Clinic, in their wisdom, have been propagandising the benefits of blockers to children aged six and upwards

Carol: Absolute hogwash - as well you know Dave. Blockers will not be mentioned to children as young as six - although the parents might be informed of them to prepare them for what is to come and so that they can independently research the risks and benefits.

Blockers are not given until at least Tanner stage 2 (at 12 years old).

These children are assessed many times from the day they enter the clinic, at whatever age, and many children are refused because the clinic veers on the side of being ultra cautious - even though both the children and their parents want them to be prescribed.

Have you ever spoken to any of the clinicians at the Tavi? I have - on a number of occasions.

Dave: Have you ever heard of a CBBC programme called I Am Leo which is aimed at 6-12 year old children?

Carol: Have you ever considered what a fight you would have on your hands if you even attempted to put a dress on a young boy of 6 or 7 and send him to school like that?

Stop using faux arguments Dave and look at the reality of the situation instead.

Dave: If you check out the I Am Leo programme which, as I said, is aimed at 6-12 year old children, you will see Dr Polly Carmichael from the Tavistock Clinic talk about the use of hormone blockers. So, I hope you accept it was not hogwash, but fact.

I take it from your "absolute hogwash" response that you think it was improper to mention hormone blockers to such young and vulnerable children?

Unfortunately Carol was unwilling to accept that six year olds had, in fact, been informed about using hormone blockers by the Tavistock Clinic in conjunction with the BBC