Monday, May 24, 2010

Perfect families (part 1)

Newsround at 5pm on BBC One, Friday 21 May 2010:-

Ore: Hi guys. We are live. It's just after five, and you're watching Newsround. Leah, What is your forecast for tonight's show?

Leah: Ore, I think the heat is definitely on, because we're up close and personal with Iceland's volcano.

Hayley: And I'm on the beach in Blackpool because we're set for a scorcher this weekend.

Leah: But first - you've been bombarding the Newsround website with mascot designs for the London Olympics. We've been asking you for your ideas to rival these two [Wenlock & Mandeville]

Ore: Wenlock and Mandeville are going to be the official mascots, and if you guys didn't have the fortune of catching last night's show - this is the artistic masterpiece that Leah and I came up with.

Leah: I'm really proud of this.

Ore: Well you would be. Leah talk us through this bit.

Leah: OK so my idea was to have a mum and a dad, OK. And in their T-shirts you can see the London Eye and Big Ben ...

Ore: ... big landmarks for London

Leah: ... yeah. There's a balloon. And your idea was to have these bouncing children, yes?
Leah and Ore's design for the London Olympics
Ore: It makes up the perfect Olympic family. And of course you can see the heads there are the colours of the Olympic rings. I think we've got ourselves onto a winner, LG.

Leah: I'm really positive about this because it's all about inclusion ...

Ore: Yeah .... YEAH, totally

Leah: ... and including everyone, because that's what the Olympics are about.

Ore: Now we're talking rubbish.

Discussion in part 2. Meanwhile here is Out of a Rainbow, Michael Morpurgo's story of the genesis of Wenlock and Mandeville -

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