Saturday, May 15, 2010

If you've been checking the end credits on Newsround you'll have noticed over the last week that Simon Goretzki hasn't been credited as Deputy Editor. Simon was expected to become the programme's Editor after the surprise departure of Sinéad Rocks last year, but in the event the top job went to Owenna Griffiths, who was parachuted in from Radio 4's Today programme. Ms Griffiths has a proven ability to unquestioningly carry out instructions from her bosses.

Like many, both inside and outside the BBC, Simon Goretzki had voiced concerns about the BBC's poor service for teenagers. According to this article, kids' newspaper First News intends to start a rival to Newsround - an internet-based television current affairs show aimed at 10-15 year-olds, starting this month. It remains to be seen whether anything will materialise.

The Independent revealed in 2006 that Nick Robinson was once nicknamed Blue Robbo. However it seems that Mr Robinson has been putting it about to colleagues at the BBC that he consistently opposed Margaret Thatcher's agenda. I've not yet heard back from Nick (blog on 10 May 2010) but since my email to him last Saturday afternoon a Facebook page appeared with the aim of having him sacked, and #sacknickrobinson became a trending topic on Twitter.

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