Monday, May 10, 2010

It seems that Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, used to work as a reporter for Newsround. Ricky interviewed Nick last month -

Ricky: You once worked for Newsround. And now you are the big chief political editor of BBC News. What's better?

Nick: (laughs) Of course, Newsround.

Ricky: I thought you might say that.

Nick: I got to interview the Blue Peter tortoise in the Blue Peter garden. And that is much better than interviewing prime ministers and presidents.

Most kids will probably realise that Nick Robinson wasn't serious there. But on Saturday Nick Robinson was on a BBC News channel discussion about the election, and at one point implied that in the 1980's young people including himself were against the policies of Mrs Thatcher. This seems a strange thing to say because it is known that in the 1980's Robinson was a senior member of the Young Conservatives. I've contacted Nick to ask if he can explain this apparent anomaly, and am awaiting his reply.

The BBC Press Office page about Nick doesn't mention that he was a member of the Young Conservatives. Perhaps, under the circumstances, it's about time that the BBC was more forthcoming and honest with the public, especially about the past and present political affiliations and financial interests of their senior journalists - eg Nick Robinson, Andrew Marr and Evan Davis. Without more honesty and openness, the BBC is in danger of becoming as mistrusted as politicians.

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