Monday, May 31, 2010

David Laws

Peter Tatchell was in Russia over the weekend and took part in Moscow Pride, contrary to the wishes of the local mayor who had banned the event. Peter also achieved a significant success this weekend, when the President of Malawi pardoned two gay men. Tatchell was instrumental in drawing the world's attention to the case - a fact not mentioned in this BBC report.

Yesterday Tatchell was one of the guests on The Politics Show via a live link from Moscow. The topic under discussion was the recent resignation of David Laws, and the surrounding circumstances.

Tatchell: .... on the issue of him saying that he wanted to keep his homosexuality secret - well, I believe that someone's sex life is a private matter. But I don't believe, in this day and age, a person's sexual orientation should be a private matter any more than their race, their religion or any other aspect of their lives. You know, we've moved on from the 1950's. We're not in the Dark Ages any more ....

Jon Sopel asked Peter Tatchell if David Laws had brought the downfall upon himself.

Tatchell: I think he really has. And also I feel a slight anger because, while he remained in the closet, he benefited from the more liberal progressive pro-gay atmosphere that many others have fought for, and won because they did come out. You know, others came out and made the atmosphere more gay-friendly. He's benefited from that, but he'd decided himself that he wasn't willing to make a contribution, but he wanted to gain and benefit from what others had done.

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