Tuesday, June 08, 2010

On Friday Sonali told Newsround viewers that we wouldn't see Ore and herself together in the studio again for a couple of weeks because "he's jetting off to South Africa tomorrow." Ore said he'd be reporting live next Thursday.

In pics: Ore is off to South Africa!

Yesterday's Newsround at 5pm began -

Sonali: Hey guys. You're tuned to Newsround. Tonight you've got me in our studio in London, and Ore in South Africa.

Ore: {via video link} Hi Sonali, and hello to all of you at home. Yeah I'm live here in Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city, where the World Cup will kick off on Friday. It's four days' time guys.

Sonali: Now Ore I wasn't expecting to speak to you till later on in the week, but a big story has spoilt the excitement to the tournament in the lead-up to the tournament.

Ore: Yeah, that's right. I love talking to you Sonali, but unfortunately it has come under difficult circumstances. Yesterday Nigeria played North Korea in another warm-up game here in Johannesburg, and unfortunately 16 people were injured and er including two policemen as well. The tickets were free for the game, so unfortunately too many people turned up for the security to be able to deal with. And a lot people are saying that they .. more people could have actually died, so fortunately it hasn't been too bad.

Towards the end of Newsround, Ore answered question from viewers.

Ore suggested that Wayne Rooney is England's best player, and that Capello will want to mould the team around Rooney. Ore predicted the Netherlands could win the World Cup.

Ore's World Cup diary: Week 1

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