Monday, September 12, 2011

Eighteen months ago Newsround reported that things just keep on getting better for Simon Cowell. The news item was about Simon finding a girlfriend who had agreed to marry him. This was something of a shock to some in the media. For example, Sonali was surprised anyone would agree to marry a man who wears his trousers so high up. Others had different reasons for scepticism, as this clip from a BBC documentary in 2002 demonstrates. But Max is undeterred by it all.

So it looks like Simon's engagement is off. His fiancée will, no doubt, get a huge payout in line with the other big love of his life, whose name escaped him when he appeared on This Is Your Life.

It's very unusual to see BBC news presenters in commercials. But apparently they are allowed to appear providing their promotional activities don't constitute a conflict of interest, or undermine the editorial integrity of the BBC or the programmes they present. The relevant Head of Department has to give permission. So here is the finished commercial for Mizz magazine, with Leah and Ricky - neither of whom actually features in the current (1st-14th Sept) edition.

Leah & Ricky in YouTube commercial for Mizz Mag

Ricky was the presenter of Newsround yesterday. One of the items on the 2.15pm bulletin was rapper Elliot John Gleave aka Example, answering When I Was 10 questions. Apparently he fancied loads of people at school, but "didn't find love till later in life." His favourite subject at school was drama, and his least favourite, oddly enough, was music.

The next story on yesterday's Newsround was also about showbiz. As usual CBBC toed the heteronomative celebrity line.

Ricky: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might be an item, but the Biebster doesn't take any fashion tips from his girlfriend. The popstar was talking at a big fashion party in New York where he also revealed that he likes Kanye West's style ....

Now if Ricky had taken a few minutes to read though his copy of Mizz magazine, he'd know that the magazine is sceptical about the sincerity of Justin and Selena's relationship. Ricky called them an item, but Mizz questions whether the PDAs just indicate a fauxmance. Mizz suggests that, after eight months together, the couple ought to be a bit more laid back. The continuing public display of affection "smacks of trying too hard to convince us they're an item"

Mizz Magazine's verdict: Justin & Selena = FAUXMANCE
Mizz verdict on Justin & Selena

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