Sunday, March 28, 2010

CBBC has been getting a bit more chatty than it used to be. The 5pm edition of Newsround on BBC One is now regularly hosted by two presenters instead of just the one. And at the end of Friday's programme, Ricky and Sonali confessed something about their media ambitions. It seems they're both keen to work on The X Factor ---

Sonali: Last up - things just keep on getting better for mean X Factor judge Simon Cowell. He's got a new girlfriend that's (sic) agreed to marry him despite him wearing his trousers that little bit too high.

Ricky: I know, and what's with the white T-shirts all the time?

Sonali: I know. Well the music man will get a big award, called an Emmy, for - wait for it - reshaping 21st century television and music around the world.

Ricky: And basically in English that means he made popular TV shows, I think - just like us.

Sonali: Just like us.

Ricky: Absolutely.

Sonali: We should get one of those.

Ricky: Oh well .. on that note, Sonali, I hear you've got an award-winning Newsround bulletin coming up very soon.

Sonali: At 6.25

Ricky: Do tell us where it is.

Sonali: 6.25 CBBC Channel, and of course we're on all weekend - three times each day.

Ricky: And do you think maybe we could one day audition for the X Factor - just be as successful as Simon Cowell?

Sonali: Can you sing? Oh to present it?!

Ricky: I can sing .. oh no I'd rather present it. I don't think I'd sing.

Sonali: Yeah, kick out Dermot, we'd be better.

Ricky: Yeah. Get rid of you Dermot. Sonali and Ricky - X Factor - next year

Sonali: So remember there's no Sportsround this weekend, but Newsround's still on so make sure you catch us. Have a brilliant one, bye.

Ricky: Have a great weekend, bye.

But it's not just Newsround which is getting chatty. A trailer for a CBBC programme called Big Babies was quite telling. The trailer went out on BBC One just after Thursday's edition of Newsround ---

Two big babies - Rocco and Brooks - are sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. A voiceover on their telly says to "Watch Big Babies - the brand new show on CBBC." Brooks imitates her words, with incomprehensible babbling, and when the CBBC logo comes up on screen they both join in singing "CBBC"

Rocco: Oh that show looks amazing.

Brooks: It looked rubbish, Rocco. It's just two babies sat watching telly - it'll never take off.

Rocco: Chill out!

Brooks: It's doomed to fail. It's an embarrassment to the channel. CBBC should be ashamed of themselves!

Voiceover: Brand new Big Babies - today at 5.45 on the CBBC channel

Rocco: So you're not gonna watch it then?

Brooks: I will if I've calmed down enough.

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