Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is former England rugby union international, Ben Cohen, another victim of BBC homophobia? A strange question, you might think - all the more so because Ben is straight and has a wife and young family.

So how could he be a victim of homophobia?

The answer is quite simply that, unlike CBBC bosses, Ben recognises the prejudice against young LGBT people and is prepared to stand up against it. Gareth Thomas is another rugby player who wants to help, but he too was given the Newsround cold shoulder, as this blog has previously documented.

Yesterday Newsround included substantial coverage of the Rugby World Cup. And there was a lot more today. Their website shows photos of the opening ceremony, how to dance the Haka and there's a guide to the rules.

Lawrence Dallaglio on Newsround - 9th September 2011
Lawrence Dallaglio -
"England hard man" on Newsround yesterday

Whose Side Are You On?

The people in charge of CBBC refuse to acknowledge that homophobia is a serious problem for kids in primary and secondary schools. In fact, when it comes to homophobia and homophobic bullying there's hardly a shred of evidence to suggest that CBBC is on the side of the victims.

This morning Ben Cohen was off to Bolton to help Bully Free Zone which is in danger of closing through lack of funding.

Anti-Bullying Week begins on 14th November 2011 - the theme this year is 'Stop and think – words can hurt'

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