Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haven't seen any recent Newsround gossip about Simon Cowell's engagement (see previous blog)

But today The Mirror - which is owned by the same newspaper group as The People - has more evidence that Mezhgan Hussainy is history. Apparently Simon's been flirting with Paula Abdul, the American Idol judge who felt the need to vilify a contestant who had suggested Simon might be gay.

Newsround Blog has often pointed to homophobia being pretty much endemic in the showbiz/media world. Recall, for example, the way Joe McElderry was treated by Simon Cowell and by CBBC. And then there's also the example of Simon's indignation over Dannii Minogue's LGBT-friendly comment to Danyl Johnson on the X Factor in 2009. Cowell's reaction embodies exactly what is wrong with the industry, and the way it continues to invisibilise bisexual, lesbian and gay people.

It looks like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are made for each other.

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