Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of the stories on this morning's Newsround was about Nick Jonas participating in an American softball game. The rather baffling report included a short clip from an interview with Nick whose softball team, it seems, lost to a team with an American Idol winner called Jordin Sparks.

Below is the complete list of stories from all nine of yesterday's Newsround TV bulletins. There was no mention of Britain's Joe McElderry, who won ITV's Popstar to Operastar on Sunday evening. Former Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker was the runner-up.

Does anyone seriously believe that CBBC would not have reported the result had, say, Olly Murs taken part and won? (see blog on 6 June 2011)

CBBC - 7.40am

[0'30"] Atlantis shuttle and Space Station
[0'18"] Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on way home
[0'19"] Tour de France crash
[1'56"] first elk born in the UK in over 1000 years
[0'19"] fans in tears after JLS pull out of T4 on the Beach
[0'15"] David & Victoria Beckham - baby girl

BBC2 - 7.58am

[0'16"] Atlantis
[0'16"] Tour de France
[0'17"] Beckham baby girl Harper Seven

CBBC - 08.10am

[0'17"] Atlantis shuttle
[0'32"] Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
[0'19"] Tour de France
[0'21"] dog brought to UK from Afghanistan
[0'18"] JLS pull out of festival

CBBC - 3.30pm

[0'40"] fishing rules to change - no discarding
[0'18"] more and younger runaway kids according to new report
[0'18"] Atlantis and space station
[0'15"] England women's football (Hope Powell comment)
[0'11"] robot football

CBBC - 4.00pm

[0'16"] fishing rules
[0'16"] Hope Powell comment
[0'13"] Beckham baby

CBBC - 4.25pm

[0'17"] air show crash
[0'17"] space station
[0'15"] very old football, 'Rules, Regulations & Laws' book (owned by Sheffield FC) up for sale

BBC One - 5pm (main bulletin)

[1'56"] new fishing rules
[0'26"] air display plane crash
[1'30"] Atlantis shuttle/ Space station
[0'30"] comments made by England women's footie coach Hope Powell
[2'00"] elk introduced in Scotland
[0'18"] Beckham baby "big congratulations"

CBBC - 6.10pm

[0'08"] fishing rules
[0'07"] space station
[0'05"] robot footie

CBBC - 6.50pm

[1'56"] fishing rules to change
[0'15"] airshow plane crash
[1'25"] Atlantis and space station
[0'17"] women's football - remark by Hope Powell
[0'12"] robot football

(i) times as shown on CBBC schedule - sometimes out by a few minutes
(ii) approx durations of each item in mins and secs

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