Sunday, July 10, 2011

No-one could say that the last few days haven't been important in media-terms ... and we're not just talking about the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield, nor even the Premiere in London of the final Harry Potter film. Phone hacking made Newsround's lead story at 5pm on Wednesday:

Sonali: First - a huge scandal involving spying on phones, the police and one of Britain's biggest newspapers.

Ore: Journalists at the News of the World paper have already been caught out secretly listening to the voicemail of celebs to get juicy stories. But now it seems they may have gone further by listening in on the victims of serious crimes. (Ore's video report)

On Thursday the programme reported that the News of the World was to close, and on Friday Ricky told viewers about the 168-year-old history of the paper.

Newsround Blog has criticised the Murdoch empire on a number of occasions. This is from a blog on 30 September 2009:

However many the BBC's faults - and there are many - this country needs no lectures from the would-be monopolist Murdoch clan. Robust plurality and diversity should be the way forward. Judging from recent opinion polls there will likely be a Conservative government by next summer. Conservatives would be unwise to make the same mistake as Labour by grovelling to the Murdochs and further debasing UK politics. The omens, however, do not look good.

With everyone's attention on Murdoch's News Corp right now, we should not forget nor be complacent about that other media giant, the BBC, which does its level best to shut down scrutiny from those who have an inkling of its improper goings-on. In contrast to commercial interests the BBC is supposed to be a public service broadcaster.

Why care about inflated salaries when there are bigger fish to fry?

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