Monday, June 06, 2011

Controversial recommendations about banning music videos was the top story on this evening's Newsround at 5pm.

Ore: The music videos you could soon be banned from watching. The Government's trying to stop children seeing so much violence and nudity on screen.

Ricky: That's why movie-style age ratings could be introduced which would prevent you from watching some of the world's biggest stars.

(Video report - included an interview with Rachel Aston of the Mothers' Union)

After that, Ricky and Ore read out some of the early feedback they'd received.

Newsround's next story was about the result of Britain's Got Talent, won by Jai McDowall, with Ronan Parke in second place.

Ore: So well done Jai, but fear not Ronan, because coming second in the world of reality TV is always a good thing.

Ore said that JLS came second on the X Factor but they'd had four Number 1 singles and two platinum selling albums.

Ricky: Olly Murs was beaten by Joe McElderry. Since then Olly has had a string of hits and, unlike poor Joe, he's still got a recording contract.

Ore: Could be an opera star though, couldn't he.

One thing Newsround omitted to mention is that media bosses have enormous sway over the fortunes of reality show winners. Unfortunately things were stacked further against "poor Joe" as soon as he came out as gay.

Joe was completely out of his depth in the shark-infested and homophobic world of showbiz. He was subjected to repeated insults on CBBC, which should never have been allowed even once. Olly Murs had no such disadvantage, and is a favoured guest on children's TV. This news about Olly's less pleasant side went unreported by Newsround.

Joe McElderry - 5th June 2011
Joe McElderry awaits the Popstar to Operastar vote (5 June 2011)

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