Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Still no word from Joe Godwin, Director of BBC Children's, in response to my email to him (see blog 31 May 2011) so I'm none the wiser as to who met the cost of his flight to last year's Banff World TV Festival and his accommodation there. All we do know is that the licence-payer picked up the tab for some pretty hefty cab fares, including one on his arrival in Canada of £409.27p

Banff Springs Fairmont
Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs resort

In a couple of days Mr Godwin will once again be winging his way to Canada for the the Banff World Media Festival 2011, which takes place in the Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel.

How are British kids likely to benefit from Joe's trip to Banff, or from his February trips to the New York Hilton?

Joe, I know you're rushed off your feet at the moment, but why not spare a few minutes to get in touch and explain? Or, if you prefer, feel free to leave a comment.

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