Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Newsround launches its new-look website

Newsround's website has been given a "makeover" according to Ricky on this morning's 7.40am bulletin. He drew attention to bigger picture galleries, new puzzles, plus "all the best stories" - the latest news, sport and showbiz. He told viewers to "get online and check it out."

And at 8.15am -

Ricky: "If you log on to the Newsround website this morning you might notice a few changes. Yep, we've given the brand new site a new look. It's still got loads of the best stories, but now has bigger galleries, more games and puzzles, loads of new functions, and it's probably one of the best websites on planet Earth. Then again I am a wee bit biased. Right, check it out - BBC dot co dot uk forward-slash newsround."

Newsround Blog has checked out the new site, First impressions -

Yes - the pictures are bigger

Navigation is poorer, and at the time of writing the 'Search BBC Newsround' facility at the top-right of the page is broken

Is CBBC once again seeking to hoodwink kids by portraying what is, in reality, dumbing down as an improvement? Recall this more serious example from December 2008 .... a month later the Ask Aaron help for kids section was shut down completely. I'd be extremely surprised if Aaron Balick wasn't mortified by the betrayal of kids when that happened.

More in a few days.

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