Sunday, January 18, 2009

It looks like the end of an era. Aaron has posted a farewell message on CBBC's website, and once again he has some valuable advice for kids.

After all the fine words by Jana Bennett about BBC helping kids, it looks like the Corporation can't be trusted even by children. Few, if any, have been taken in by claims of improvements to the CBBC site and message boards, and all that the BBC has succeeded in achieving is to demonstrate its contempt for younger audiences. It's still not too late for Newsround to show some guts and investigate why this happened.

As Aaron's advice won't be on the CBBC site for much longer I'm giving his farewell message a place on this blog:

Farewell and good luck from Aaron

Since the Ask Aaron site and message board are closing, I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how fab I think you all are and how impressed I am with the way you reach out and support each other.

Always remember that when you are having a hard time, there is SOMEBODY around who will listen. The trick is to find that person, and make sure they hear you. The worst thing about suffering or worrying about something is to think that you are all alone – YOU ARE NOT! If you look, you’ll find that person who can lend a hand.

Sometimes that will need to be a grownup, but other times your mates will be a great support to you too. I’ve seen you all reach out to others that are hurting, and I hope you continue to be good friends to each other, and try to treat everyone with kindness and respect – just how you’d like to be treated yourself.

Don't forget that there is still going to be a place on CBBC where you can share your thoughts and problems, and help others too - visit the BugBears site and take a look.

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