Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My last blog included an extract from the current Oasis Community Learning Sex and Relationships Education Policy. If the relevance of the Oasis document wasn't clear, it is because Oasis is a large faith-based organisation working in the UK and around the world, founded by Christian minister Steve Chalke.

Oasis Community Learning was formed in the context of Tony Blair's enthusiastic support for faith schools and academies.

Oasis Academy MediaCityUK enjoys close links with the BBC.

As to the Oasis SRE policy, the current wording continues as follows:

However, avoiding sensitive or controversial issues does not make them go away and leaves children and young people confused and at risk. It is important to recognise the power of confusion caused by "informal" learning - from television, internet, DVDs, radio, magazines, newspapers, gossip, jokes, and various other sources. Education within the curriculum can do much to dispel myths, reduce fear and anxiety, clear up misunderstanding and counteract prejudice. All official documentation is in favour of the discussion of topics such as contraception, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

It is important that our students develop understanding and attitudes based on values which prepare them to view relationships in a responsible and healthy manner. SRE will be part of the curriculum and will not be taken out of context or overemphasised in any way. ...

Linked - Steve Chalke’s ‘faith academies’ – the claims and the reality (National Secular Society - November 2008)

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