Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last September, during reports about Lady Gaga's meat dress, Sonali mentioned that Lady Gaga was a vegan.

A remark to that effect was repeated by Sonali the following day, Tuesday 14 September 2010, at 6.25pm -

"Well, as Gaga's a vegan herself, I had a think about something perhaps a bit more appropriate for next time."

I emailed Sonali afterwards to ask what evidence there was about Stefani Germanotta being a vegan, as I hadn't seen anything about it on the Internet. Unfortunately the email went unanswered.

Last Friday 24 June 2011 at 5pm (BBC Two) Newsround reported Lady Gaga's fundraising work in Japan. However Newsround has never mentioned her campaign efforts for gay rights, including marriage equality.

Here's an extract from the current Oasis Community Learning Sex and Relationships Education Policy:-

It is natural for caring adults to want to protect children and young people from information, attitudes and lifestyles which they themselves find distasteful.

So has BBC Children's been taking on the role of these 'caring adults' by protecting kids from information, attitudes and lifestyles which Director-General, Mark Thompson, finds distasteful?

Anyone might reasonably conclude that the Corporation doesn't fully support equality.

More on this in a day or two

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