Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Causing confusion - one year on

Exactly one year ago I showed how Newsround was a bit mixed up when it comes to film awards.

They reported two major Oscar-winning films - Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader - which had Certificate 15. But CBBC had a policy of not allowing mention of such films on the message boards or feedback pages.

Newsround's reports of this year's Baftas centred on Avatar (Cert 12A) not winning many awards. This is yesterday's report at 7am:-

Joe: First, Avatar missed out on the big awards at last night's Baftas. The 3D blockbuster lost out on Best Film and Best Director, but did take home two awards - the Best Production Design and Best Visual Effects. The Disney flick 'Up' also came away with two prizes - the Best Animated Film and Best Music.

However there was no mention of the important Best Actor and Best Actress awards - both of which went to Cert 12A films - i.e. films Newsround is "allowed" to mention. Neither was there mention of the main winner which was The Hurt Locker (Cert 15)

So, what exactly is Newsround's policy on these issues, and who decides which films are promoted by Newsround and which ones are not?

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