Monday, February 23, 2009

Causing confusion

Kids could be forgiven for being rather confused about where they stand with CBBC's Newsround at the moment. For a start loads of message boards were closed down in December, in a move which the BBC described as an improvement. And Newsround has normally made a point of not reporting on films with certificate 15 or 18.

When, yesterday, Newsround asked which films would win at your Oscars? their web page stated that most of the nominations were for "long, boring films that you lot aren't allowed to see."

But today the programme reported on awards for two certificate 15 films, Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader, which they'd seemingly put down in such a patronising way.

Sonali: It was the Oscars last night and British talent came out on top. Slumdog Millionaire won eight awards....

It's not clear whether kids who had seen any certificate 15 films could mention them as part of the feedback or on the message boards. But, to my mind, and I'm sure to lots of kids also, Newsround is a bit mixed up at the moment.

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