Sunday, February 21, 2010

Newsround on Friday morning (8.25am) reported about some kids who visited the White House -

Ore: Ten kids have been on the half-term trip of a lifetime visiting the White House in the capital of America, Washington DC. The group were winners of an essay competition during Black History Month. They were shown around the building and even met the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Although the trip was reported on the three later Newsround editions that day, it seems they decided there should be no further mention of 'Black History Month.'

Here's how Leah put it in the 5pm edition -

Leah: What prizes have you won recently at school. Gold stars? Maybe even books? Well ten kids from London entered an essay, and they headed all the way to Washington to meet the First Lady at the White House.

Wonder why they cut the reference to Black History Month. Though, to be fair, it is on the webpage text.

Incidentally, Black History Month is October in the UK and February in the USA; and LGBT History Month is October in the USA and February in the UK.

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