Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One of the reports on Newsround yesterday was about a new service to help kids who are bullied. Kids can log on to the site and get help from specially trained mentors.

This evening's Newsround reports on BBC One began with news of the Sri Lankan cricket team returning after the attack in Pakistan. Ore said "In the middle of the night the Sri Lankan team arrived home, their anxious wives and families waiting for them, relieved to be out of Pakistan."

The second story was about the conviction of a man for the murder of 18 year old actor Robert Knox. Another item was about Sol Campbell urging more kids to go to live sports and not just watch on TV. And after Ricky's report on Monday about reducing the packaging for Easter eggs, today's programme had him telling us about Fair Trade chocolate.

Newsround BBC One 5.05pm - 4 March 2009

Sri Lankan cricket team return home [2'06"]
Man guilty of murdering 18 yr old Robert Knox [0'13"]
ITV has money problems [0'13"]
Dani Harmer wants to be a pop star [0'15"]
Sol Campbell wants more kids to watch live sport [1'57"]
Fair Trade chocolate [1'52"]
Giant lump of popcorn [0'19"]

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