Saturday, February 28, 2009

How many months of the year have thirty days in them?

That was Question 6 on yesterday's edition of the CBBC quiz show Get 100. "It may not be as straightforward as it sounds," said presenter, Hardeep. With a puzzled expression on her face contestant Siobhan asked "is it four?"

"It's not four," said Hardeep, as he moved on to the next contestant. Harrison suggested three as an answer, Samantha said five, and Lucy's guess was six.

"The answer is eleven. That's a trick question," Hardeep explained, "because eleven months have thirty days. Some have more than thirty days, but eleven have at least thirty days."

What's CBBC up to? It looks like they're giving lessons on how to cheat and deceive. Next thing you know they'll shut down half of the message boards and tell kids it's part of improvements to the website.

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