Thursday, March 05, 2009

BBC and coverage of LGBT History Month (part 1)

There were no items about LGBT History Month on Newsround during February. So no surprises there.

Now let's look at coverage on some other BBC TV programmes. Firstly there was The Big Questions on Sunday 1 February 2009. The second 'big question' that day was "Is homosexuality a cause for celebration?"

Nicky Campbell kicked off the debate asking why celebrate something that is "none of anyone else's business?" But if Nicky was still at school and friends asked him who he fancied, would he tell them it's none of their business? And when someone likes someone else, is there any point in hoping for a relationship when their sexual orientations aren't compatible? So of course these matters are other people's business.

Tony Fenwick, from Schools Out, said "We need to celebrate homosexuality, as you put it - I would prefer you to say being lesbian and gay, because 'homosexuality' is a term that was coined in the Victorian era to describe what was then thought of as a disease. But it's a question of being - we are gay and we are lesbian and that's how we turn out."

One of the guests on the programme was Peter Tatchell.

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