Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pop Idol winner Will Young came out as gay in March 2002. He told the News of the World that his family and friends had known for a long time, and that he had decided to tell the newspaper because of the "media pressure" that followed winning the ITV talent show. At the time Newsround reported the story in a positive way.

Nowadays, though, Newsround is somewhat more coy. So Will Young's current campaign to stop the word 'gay' being used in a negative or homophobic context hasn't received even a single mention. However his efforts were reported at the weekend by ex-Newsround presenter, Joe Tidy, who now works for Sky News.

Will Young talking to Sky News reporter, Joe Tidy

Joe Tidy: Singer and song writer Will Young knows all about how words can have profound effects on people. As a gay schoolboy, the word he most wanted to say was also the word he most dreaded.

Will Young: Just to say 'gay' when you're growing up is a huge admission, and I had a lot of shame around that. ...

Joe said 'gay' is still being used in schools as an insult, and Will Young is lobbying the Government to try to change things for the next generation. The campaign is building traction and has the support of some MPs.

Although the campaign against using 'gay' in a homophobic and offensive way in schools wasn't reported by Newsround, they did report, yesterday and today, about a school in Croydon which is trying to stamp out slang words such as 'ain't', 'innit' and 'coz'

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