Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Newsround reports that the torch relay and playing host the the Sochi Olympic games "are a chance for Russia to show off their country, and they want to impress."

From Newsround bulletins yesterday afternoon (4.20pm & 6.50pm) -

Nel: .... But there have already been a few problems. Work on the Olympic venues is thought to have gone massively over budget. And Russia has been criticised about the way it's treated people who came from other countries to work on the site. There's also an issue of weather, after fears there may not be enough snow in Sochi because of a milder winter. They've been stocking up just in case, and keeping their fingers crossed that it doesn't melt.

The bit about stocking up on snow was also reported a while back, on 25th August. But so far Newsround hasn't breathed a word about widespread concerns over Russia's new anti-gay legislation. It's as if bosses in charge of Newsround consider that news to be "homosexual propaganda"

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