Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kids today are unlikely to know quite how thoughtless Mrs Thatcher had been to many in society, and very little said on Newsround would have served to enlighten them. In fact it seems the programme was determined to turn a blind eye to her homophobia and Section 28.

One girl interviewed at Thatcher's funeral in London yesterday told Newsround reporter Joe Tidy: "We wanted to come and pay our honour to Margaret Thatcher because she's really helped our country. And so we wanted to just show that we are really grateful for her and her work."

Newsround's numerous reports about the death of Baroness Thatcher rarely, if ever, went without a mention that she was Britain's first and only woman Prime Minister, as if that made her in some way better than her male counterparts. But the truth is that each person's achievements and failings aren't dependent on their gender, race, sexual orientation or other status. After all, is BBC business expert Evan Davis a better (or a worse) journalist on account of being gay? Of course not. Long-term readers of Newsround Blog may remember that four years ago Mr Davis gave kids an optimistic view of future prospects for jobs and the economy. And in October 2010 he didn't notice a £49 billion error, now silently corrected, on this Newsround webpage.

Mr Davis also appeared in the Newsround Special: Hard Times, exactly one month ago, to explain why we've found ourselves in this economic mess. Check it out, and you'll see that he suggests it's down to things happening 10 years ago. Not very perceptive in my opinion. Mr Davis hasn't considered why factories were springing up abroad, and how they were able to make goods so cheaply. Still, despite doubts over his expertise, Evan was, I believe commendably, one of the very first people in the world to come out for marriage equality.

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