Saturday, April 27, 2013

Have been checking a few things with the BBC, like why it was necessary for both Director of Children’s, Joe Godwin AND his two immediate subordinates (Kay Benbow and Cheryl Taylor) to attend the Kidscreen Summit in New York - see blog on 1st February 2013. This is what I've been told on that score -

Kay Benbow and Cheryl Taylor have different roles within BBC Children’s and were invited by Kidscreen to speak on different subjects and went to discuss different business with different partners. Kidscreen is the premier worldwide conference and market for children’s content and the BBC is one of the world’s leading producers of children’s content. Producers and other broadcasters around the world expect the BBC to attend, hence the organisers inviting the BBC attendees. The Director of BBC Children’s is responsible for the overall strategy for children’s content and is also a key participant in the co-production and partnership agreements which are discussed and worked on at Kidscreen. He is a key figure in the worldwide children’s media industry, of which this is the premier gathering, and as such his attendance is essential to the effective international co-production work, which adds huge value for UK licence fee payers.

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