Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Dumping Ground

Synopsis of Episode 5 - What Would Gus Want?
(The issues raised by CBBC will be examined in a future blog)

Care worker Mike has met a couple, Ronnie and Dawn, who want to foster Gus. But Gus, who has Asperger syndrome, is unhappy about being fostered. Mike suggests that Gus meets the couple and then decide.

Tyler is jealous, and hopes to be fostered by the couple, if Gus turns down the opportunity.

Gus agrees to meet the couple, in the hope of helping Tyler. When the couple arrive at Elm Tree House, all the kids there are surprised to find out that the couple are both women.

Johnny thinks the gay couple would not make proper parents, and Lily agrees. A heated 'debate' amongst the care kids ensues. Elektra is shocked by what she sees as Johnny's prejudiced attitude, and his younger sister, Tee, is also disappointed with Johnny.

Meanwhile, the couple are chatting to Mike and Gus in another room. It seems evident that Dawn, like Gus, has Asperger's. Gus informs Ronnie and Dawn that he doesn't actually want to be fostered and suggests they foster Tyler instead. But Dawn says "We don't want Tyler. We wanted you. If you don't want us there's no point in continuing." They leave, but the kids at Elm Tree House are still arguing amongst themselves.

Gus thinks over the fostering idea and tells Mike he's changed his mind and wants to meet Ronnie and Dawn again. They both go round to the couple's house where Gus and Dawn ask each other pre-prepared questions from their notebooks.

Gus cannot quite decide whether or not he wants to be fostered. Faith explains he would get more attention if he lived with the couple, and that would help him achieve his goal of a career as a forensic scientist. Gus is persuaded despite some late misgivings. He has concerns about the disruption of moving his belongings. The other kids devise a plan to help him make the move.

Gus goes to live with the couple, and the care kids resolve all their differences. Frank suggests they all go bowling to help cheer them up now that Gus has gone.

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