Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shortly before stepping down as BBC Director-General, Mark Thompson spoke at a Stonewall 'Education for All' conference. But six months on, and his assurance of a more inclusive BBC has, it seems, come to nought.

So far this year, there have been two very important stories relevant to LGBT viewers. Firstly, the European Court of Human Rights ruled against Christians who both thought they were entitled to discriminate against gay people. But what did Newsround say? Precisely nothing. They did, however, report at length on Christians wearing crosses at work.

Secondly, there was President Barack Obama's Inauguration yesterday. Obama's support for gay people was covered on Mark Mardell's report for BBC News. But, once again, Newsround failed to tell younger viewers about that support. Perhaps an injudicious oversight on the part of Newsround reporter, Ricky Boleto? Or is it, instead, further evidence of a continuing discriminatory policy by current CBBC bosses?

Ricky Boleto tells Joe Tidy about Barack Obama's Inauguration speech
Newsround on 21/1/2013 at 6.50pm

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