Sunday, May 27, 2012

Racism has been in the news again, with a BBC investigation finding that almost 88,000 incidents in UK schools were recorded between 2007 and 2011. Wednesday's Newsround included a recorded interview with 14 year old Khadeja, who found it hard to get through each day.

Ore told viewers that work is being done to stamp out racism in schools. Classes all over the country are being visited by campaigners who teach them how to avoid racist behaviour and comments.

Laura Pidcock, from Show Racism the Red Card said that "if something is based on skin colour, religion, nationality or way of life, then that is racism." Laura, who self-identifies as a feminist, failed to say whether she would also include prejudice relating to sexual orientation - homophobia. Show Racism the Red Card's  FAQ doesn't (at the time of writing) refer to homophobia, though there is now a brief section about the topic on SRTRC's website.

Stonewall's 7th Annual Education for All Conference 2012 takes place at the start of July. As far as I'm aware Newsround has never reported on homophobic bullying, but this year BBC Director-General is one of the speakers at Stonewall's conference. Stonewall says that a major new report about homophobia in Britain’s schools will be released at the event.

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