Monday, February 06, 2012

LGBT History Month is underway, though there's been no sign of any move towards inclusiveness on BBC children's TV. Audiences are still being treated to casual homophobia. Last Wednesday, for example, on Sadie J, Jake came up with a clever plan to help out his friend. Danny exclaimed " .. that's genius! ... in fact I could kiss you right now!" Then, after glimpsing a scowl on his friend's face, Danny adds ".. but I won't."

Thursday's news that all twenty Premier League teams were to sign a Charter against homophobia was largely ignored by the BBC, and certainly not mentioned by Newsround and MOTD Kickabout. Sky, on the other hand did give the item substantial coverage, including this extended interview with John Amaechi.

MOTD Kickabout couldn't resist this on Saturday's programme: "His goals for Newcastle bought him love from fans, players - maybe too much love there."

So what exactly is the BBC doing to promote lesbian and gay equality on children's TV? And to what extent does worldwide commercial pressure affect how the BBC deals with the issue?

Perhaps we, or at least some of us, are about to find out in the next day or two. Because, assuming they're not stranded at the airport, Joe Godwin and his two chief underlings, Damian Kavanagh and Kay Benbow are due to speak at a summit session in New York Hilton's lavish Trianon Ballroom.

UK licence payers will want to know if we're getting value for money. So it is to be hoped that the BBC delegates will be reporting back in detail. Newsround Blog will be maintaining an interest, particularly during LGBT History Month.

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