Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apologies from Suarez and Liverpool football club probably came a bit too late for Newsround's TV bulletins today.

The first story, at 2pm today:

John Watson: Luis Suarez has been called "a disgrace" by Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, for refusing to shake hands with Patrice Evra before yesterday's match. The Liverpool striker walked straight past the hand of the United captain. It was the first time the two players had faced each other since Suarez was banned for racially abusing Evra. ... (videos of Alex Ferguson and Alan Shearer condemning Suarez's behaviour)

If the failure of a footballer to acknowledge another footballer because of his race is very rude, so too is CBBC's continuing refusal to acknowledge its lesbian and gay viewers. That failure was also in evidence on today's Newsround.

It's LGBT History Month, and that might possibly be why Gok Wan was chosen to answer questions on the 'When I Was 10' slot.

Gok Wan - When I Was 10 - broadcast on Newsround 12th Feb 2012
Gok Wan on Newsround

Guests are frequently, though by no means always, asked "Did you fancy anyone at school?" That, however, was not one of the questions put to Gok Wan.

Why not?

It would have been the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that BBC children's TV has fully embraced diversity. But in the end, the failure to ask Gok Wan whether he fancied anyone at school simply proved that CBBC is as prejudiced as ever when it comes to the issue of sexual orientation diversity.

Discrimination masquerading as inclusiveness was also the problem with last Wednesday's episode of Sadie J: Gagalicious. That will be looked at in a future blog.

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