Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diversity and Faux Diversity (part 1)

Writer Robert Evans, possibly had the best of intentions with Sadie J. But while the Series is, for the most part, enjoyable entertainment, it - like many other programmes on children's TV - suffers as a result of unwavering censorship restrictions imposed by BBC bosses. Note that the person in charge of BBC Children's also happens to be the most senior member of the BBFC Advisory Panel on Children's Viewing.

So how does this censorship affect children's TV programmes like Sadie J? As promised, I will now look in more detail at Gagalicious - the third episode in the new series.

In this episode, Kit's rugby-playing cousin Iolo is in town, but Kit doesn't want to meet up with him. Kit had previously pretended that he, too, was into sports and other "macho" interests. He's worried that Iolo will despise him when he sees what he's really like.

Sadie J Series 2 Episode 3
Sadie, Iolo and Kit (right)

Eventually Iolo discovers the truth, but tells Kit that it makes no difference: they're still good mates and there's no need to pretend any longer.

Presumably the intended message of this episode is that we shouldn't be ashamed of ourselves, and who we really are.

So who, exactly, is Kit?

He says he's fabulicious and proud. What does that mean?

To be continued ..

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