Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nice to see Newsround helping to improve kids' rights. From Tuesday's 5pm bulletin -

Leah: Ricky's been pretty busy this week, because you've been asking him to look into things for you. His next investigation is one that we got most emails about. Lots of you are fed up with being banned from shops. Watch this.

After Ricky's report Leah asked kids to send in new suggestions for him to investigate. Perhaps Ricky could also help by showing Newsround viewers how to investigate things for themselves.

Talking of which, here's an update into my own enquiries about the BBC (blog on 20 April 2011)

My FOI request about Joe Godwin's expenses was answered last Wednesday. The links on Richard Deverell's disclosure page were put right last Thursday. The information in Joe Godwin's Declaration of Personal Interests is still incomplete, and the BBC's Head of Information Policy & Compliance, James Leaton Gray, is aware of the issue.

I did eventually hear back from Mr Gray personally, and amongst other things he says that his Department dealt with my FOI request "in accordance with international accountancy standards." He rejects my assertion of "a misleading and possibly dishonest response."

James Leaton Gray was sorry I wasn't satisfied with the service provided, and says that he and his team set great store by the work they do on behalf of correspondents.

I'm waiting to hear back from BBC Children's on the matter of the MOTD Kickabout Fantasy Football Leaderboard (blog 24 April 2011) as well as on some other issues.

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