Sunday, April 24, 2011

Openness and transparency

The BBC Trust has taken a lot of stick, not least from Newsround Blog, which realised that the Trust is far too close to BBC management well before most of the press and politicians created a brouhaha.

Sir Michael Lyons, who is leaving his post as Chairman of the Trust, believed a low point at the BBC was being part of their 'ship of fools' election night coverage.

Chris Patten takes over as Chairman on 1st May.

In spite of the BBC Trust's many faults, its Strategy Review did include some very important and progressive key objective statements, particularly in regard to the need for openness and transparency and the need to do more to serve all audiences.

My blog dated 20 April 2011 demonstrates Corporation malfeasance, even at the higher levels. If the BBC's Head of Information Policy & Compliance can't be trusted, who can?

At the time of writing, several links on Richard Deverell's page and the last link on Joe Godwin's page - supposedly his declaration of personal interests - still aren't working.

Of course it shouldn't always be necessary to go through the formality of a 'Freedom of Information' enquiry. You'd think that when a programme invites viewers to contact them with "Email us now!" they'd be more than happy to receive and answer emails.

Email us now!
But I contacted MOTD Kickabout in January asking about the Fantasy Football Leaderboard, and I still haven't been given the details I asked for.

MOTD Kickabout Leaderboard on 29th Jan 2011
More recently I asked BBC Children's about another programme, Project Parent, and I'm still waiting for a reply to that question as well. I hope to write a review of Project Parent, or 'Attack of the Matchmakers' as it was originally to be titled, when I hear back.

An Easter Egg

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