Thursday, April 28, 2011

Over the years Newsround Blog has pointed out numerous errors, editorial misjudgements and bloopers. So here's another from yesterday's programme at 3.30pm. Notice the caption when the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, speaks.

Sonali: Hey guys, Sonali here with all your top stories from Newsround. First to a big dress rehearsal for the Royal Wedding - and it happened overnight. Members of the armed forces marched through the streets of London very early this morning to make sure they get it right on Friday. Leah's got the pictures.

(video) Leah: Lit up. Westminster Abbey. In the middle of the night the military were rehearsing. It's their last chance before the big day, and they needed the streets to be quiet to make sure no-one got in their way. The army, the navy and the RAF will all take part in the ceremony. And they need to make sure no-one puts a foot wrong. As well as lining the way from Buckingham Palace to the Church, some of them will be escorting the royal carriage as it makes its way along the route. Outside the Abbey people have already begun camping out so they can get a front row seat on all the action. Yesterday work began on preparing the inside of the Church - trees and flowers were moved in.

Newsround 27th April 2011 @ 3.30pm on CBBC
John Sentamu: The moment, you know, when William answers the question, Do you take Kate to be your wife? and he says I do, almost all the lights will go out of London, because he's no longer a bachelor.

Leah: Later this afternoon there'll be a full music rehearsal. With just two days to go it's no wonder people are working through the night to get everything right.

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