Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BBC loses discrimination case

Over the years Newsround Blog has drawn attention to discrimination at the BBC, not just against LGB people, but also sexist, ageist and disablist discrimination. Today Miriam O'Reilly won her complaint of age discrimination after being dropped from Countryfile.

Former Controller of BBC One, Jay Hunt, had given evidence in Miriam's case, but on behalf of the BBC. Ms Hunt was, incidentally, one of Jonathan Ross's strongest supporters at the BBC, insisting to me on several occasions that Mr Ross was not being homophobic on his weekly Friday night shows.

Newsround Blog is currently investigating why three particular weather forecasters are being dropped from our screens this month. If the selection process was transparent we should be able to find out the rationale.

Last year Tomasz won a Television and Radio Industries Club award as best TV weather presenter. So why is he one of the people leaving our screens? Perhaps there was a clue last January.

More details when available.

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