Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Lynne Featherstone wrote, last year, that the BBC can't be trusted. Of course, that's nothing that Newsround Blog devotees don't already know. Here's one more example.

Sonali interviewed Michael Gove in July about funding for essential school renovation projects. Her report looked like quality journalism with the BBC taking a stand in favour of kids' interests. In fact I was quite surprised at the time, having discovered over the previous year that the BBC and the government have an unhealthily close relationship, fostered by officials at the DCMS.

Sonali vs the government was shown on 21 July 2010. Notice what Michael Gove said in Sonali's interview -

The way in which we used to give money to schools meant that there were some schools which were OK, but were getting loads of cash. And then there were other schools, like Highfurlong - which I've visited - which really needed extra cash, which weren't getting it in time.

Sonali warned Michael that Newsround would be checking up on him. At the end of the interview Michael told Sonali that everyone who needs it [cash for school renovations] will get it.

So what's been the result of Sonali's report?

Well on Tuesday 10 August 2010 Newsround reported that Zoe and her friends had secured the cash for their school in South London and that they believed Newsround had helped get it.

Whatever happened to Sonali's promise to check up on Highfurlong? What Newsround failed to mention, even in their web report: "School is given extra cash" was that Highfurlong School had not been successful. It seems that BBC Newsround and the government have, between them, effectively double-crossed Highfurlong School. My enquiries confirm that the school has not, as yet, received the funding.

More proof, if any were needed, that Lynne Featherstone was right; the BBC can't be trusted.

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