Saturday, July 24, 2010

It seems clear that Newsround, with all its faults, doesn't yet have any serious competition as a UK kids' news programme. And over this past week there have been some significant improvements, especially as regards making it more relevant.

One of the week's reports was Michael Gove being interviewed by Sonali about funding for school renovations. Sonali challenged Michael about Highfurlong School, and he conceded that is was a school in urgent need of extra cash.

Sonali: So is Highfurlong going to get the cash to expand its corridors - to expand its classrooms?

Michael Gove: We're looking now to make sure that all the schools that are in most need get the cash.

Sonali: Cos you know that Newsround's gonna be checking up on you.

With the new Academies Bill being rushed through Parliament, Newsround ought to be sure to check up on Mr Gove next week to see if the coalition government can be trusted.

My next blog will look at Stonewall's Unseen on Screen report.

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