Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul the Octopus may be a top celeb at the moment, but Winston the Octopus seems destined to miss out on a life of stardom. Winston failed to display any of Paul's 'psychic abilities' when he appeared on Friday's Newsround at 5pm.

Ricky: You've had your chance, Winston. I mean you're not able to predict this, are you? You're not psychic and you've made Newsround look really stupid. So, you will NEVER work in TV again!

Looks like the media world can sometimes be pretty unforgiving.

The next item was a live report from South Africa, ending with -

Ore: Now what you guys have got to do is tune into Newsround over the CBBC Channel all over the weekend because I'll have all the news and build-up as this World Cup comes to a thrilling climax. So, who's it gonna be in the final? Well we'll find that out on Sunday but there's also the issue of Uruguay / Germany. Who's gonna come in third place. I'll give you all you need to know from that too. So I'll see you guys soon. Bye bye.

What was that all about? Surely kids would hear the World Cup news on other channels, well before they hear it from Newsround. Perhaps it was a hapless attempt to justify the BBC sending Team NR out to South Africa for a third time, at the expense of both the environment and licence-fee payers.

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