Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The BBC Trust says that it aims to get the best out of the BBC for licence fee payers. Here are some excerpts from the BBC Strategy Review / Initial conclusions published yesterday:

Whatever future circumstances arise, the BBC cannot opt out of its obligation to serve all audiences. The Trust therefore rules out any suggestion that the BBC could do fewer things by ignoring or underserving particular audience groups. .... And even where targeted areas of programming (such as BBC Switch for teenagers) are to be discontinued, the Trust will expect the BBC to continue to serve all parts of the population through its mainstream programming and occasionally through more specific output. Our audience research and consultation responses demonstrate strong public support for this approach.

We do not believe the BBC should define boundaries in terms of audience groups as it has a duty to promote the public purposes amongst all audience groups, and we will expect the BBC to continue to serve teenagers on television in different ways.

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