Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newsround at 5pm last night. Ricky reporting live from Liverpool and Sonali in the London studio.

Ricky: Hello from Liverpool. We're live here on Newsround tonight for the first of our special 'Your Say' programmes. And the reason we're calling them 'Your Say' is because we're handing the programme over to you guys to decide what goes in it. It's all to do with the General Election. We're here at the start of our UK tour here in Liverpool, and the UK election will decide who will be our next Prime Minister.

Sonali: And I'm gonna be coming to you live from our studio in London, bringing you the stories that kids have chosen for today's show. Stay tuned to see what they've picked.

Ricky: Welcome guys. You happy to be here?

Kids: (after short pause) Yeah

Newround 9th April 2010 @ 5pmRicky:
Yes! A bit more enthusiasm! Right. Over the next four weeks I'll be touring with Newsround to decide what will be going on in the General Election. We'll be telling you a lot about this over the next couple of weeks. And the General Election is happening in a month's time and that's when we decide who will be running our country.

Now our first stop is here in Liverpool which is famous for two football clubs. It's also famous for a few landmarks too, like the Liver Building and the beautiful River Mersey behind us. It's a beautiful day today isn't it? And besides the fact that we are outside, today there is another reason why this programme is very different. It's because these guys are getting to decide what goes on in our programme today.

And earlier today I met up with you two (girl and boy to Ricky's left) didn't I, and we went through what stories should be on Newsround today. (video clip shows the two kids, and another boy who was not on the live show) We had eight stories and we managed to boil that down to five. You decided what you did, and what you didn't want. Was it interesting to do that?

Zoe: Yeah - quite interesting.

Ricky: It was interesting. (moves mic to boy) What did you,, did you find it,, was it hard? Was it interesting? What did you think?

Kian: It was easy and hard at the same time.

Ricky: Kian, you were very good. Now these guys did a really good job. We'll find out more about the stories they chose a little bit later on. But first of all the top story is all about them. Take a look at this (video clip)

Ricky: Now before we head back to the studio for the rest of today's stories - (Turns to girl wearing pink dress) You did a really good job. Now do you think a lot of politicians don't take kids seriously? Do you still think that, and why?

Girl: Yeah I think they just push kids out of the way and think that we shouldn't be involved in anything like that.

Ricky: That's a good point. And you (girl to Ricky's immediate right) want politicians to listen up, don't you?

Girl: And adults. Cos adults don't ... (Ricky interrupts and moves mic away mid-sentence)

Ricky: Alright guys. Well thank you very much for your views. Sonali, back to you with the rest of their stories.

Sonali: Thank you very much Ricky, Kian, Grace, Maya and Zoe there. Now the second story they picked was about schools where you can call your teacher by their first name, get to wear comfy socks instead of school shoes and you go skiing for PE. Sounds brilliant doesn't it? Well Ore's been finding out all about them (video report on Finnish schools)

Sonali: That school looks brilliant. Now it looks like it's not going to be as easy to get away with downloading music without paying for it. A new law is about to be passed which could see internet users who get caught illegally downloading having their connection cut off. It's being brought in to protect the film and music industry which has lost millions of pounds because people download their stuff for free. But some reckon it's hard to tell who's actually doing it illegally.

Three more stories followed:-

1} Britain's tallest tree near Loch Fyne (64.24m high)

2} Clear-up has begun in Brazil after mudslides there killed 100's of people

3} Swarms of locusts have invaded a town in Australia

Sonali: So those were the stories that Kian and Zoe chose to go into the show today. Time to head back to the team in Liverpool. Hi there Ricky, where are you?

Ricky: Hey Sonali, welcome back. Well that was brilliant. Kian you did a good job with your cool school story. Were you happy to have that on TV?

Kian: Yeah

Ricky: Why did you like that story?

Kian: Because they were really relaxed and .. (Ricky takes the microphone away)

Ricky: Relaxed schools. Quite cool isn't it? Right, well our next stop in this General Election tour is in Cardiff in Wales. That's where we'll be heading next. Now I have a blog where you can check out all the latest behind-the-scenes information. Don't forget to tune into Newsround all weekend. See you soon. Bye bye.

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