Friday, April 09, 2010

In the run-up to the election Newsround has been asking kids to send in short clips saying what they'd do if they became prime minister. On Tuesday we heard from 11-year-old Brittany who has asthma and lives in a big block of flats. She'd done a press pack report about the poor living conditions in her area.

Brittany: ... I have asthma, and the cold concrete walls make it worse. I'm studying for my SATS at the moment, and I can't concentrate 'cos the noise from upstairs can be really bad. ..... The shouting from the stairwell can get really bad and keep me awake most of the night. My message for whomever wins the election is: Please, improve the housing of children.

Newsround is travelling to the four UK nations, and yesterday Ricky said he hopes to speak to some kids live from Liverpool on this evening's programme. Ricky on the Road

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