Monday, April 19, 2010

It's reported that Adrian Chiles is to leave the BBC. I contacted him last November, but unfortunately he never found the time to respond.

Email to Adrian

I haven't been in touch with you before, but I was impressed with your stance against racism when Carol Thatcher referred to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as a "golliwog" earlier this year. I believe that the casual use of racist or homophobic language demeans the people or group concerned, thereby emboldening prejudice, and possibly leading to verbal or even violent abuse.

As you're aware, recently there have been a spate of homophobic attacks around Britain, building up over the last few months. I'm rather concerned about some of the language about gay people on TV - for example, use the word 'poof' by Jonathan Ross and some of his guests on a Friday night show on BBC One.

Please can you let me know how you feel about the issue, and whether you think it might be worth doing a report about it on The One Show?

I hope to hear back soon. Many thanks.

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