Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's not just humans that show their affection for each other on Valentine's Day - animals do it too! Not sure why animals would choose Valentine's day to show affection, but that's what it says on this Newsround webpage.

Newsround has carried some interesting love stories about our feathered friends in the past. There was the peacock who was head-over-heels in love with some petrol pumps. And then there was a swan who was besotted with a swan-shaped pedalo boat. Also a lovelorn albatross - he's spent ages trying to find "a girlfriend"

But Newsround has been less willing to report on same-sex affection. So, unless viewers check out newspapers, they might not know about the male swan couple in a Weymouth swannery. Even on the one occasion when Newsround did carry a story about a same-sex couple, just after the start of this year's LGBT History Month, the programme reported that the two female albatrosses "have paired up to care for the newborn after its dad left." Newsround took care to avoid any mention of affection or romance.

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