Thursday, April 09, 2009

Help from agony aunts and uncles

Everyone needs help with their problems from time to time, says Newsround, on the webpage caption to a story about seven-year-old agony aunt, Elaina. Ore introduced the report on this morning's programme at 8.25am -

Ore: Who do you turn to when you need advice? A parent? a friend? The problem page in a magazine perhaps? Well one radio station in the Midlands has just hired a new agony aunt who's only seven, yes seven years old. Here's Adam

Adam began by mentioning a few problems kids might have - things like too much school work getting you down, not being selected to play on the team, or Adam's pet peeve - being nagged by someone. "Then you need Elaina," said Adam.

Elaina: I like helping people. When I grow up I wanted to help people even more by being a nurse, and then I changed my mind to being a radio producer.

Andy Goulding, who's the DJ she works with, says that Elaina is completely open and honest and that's what you need sometimes.

More about agony aunt/uncle advice to come. See also blogs on 8 Jan 2009 and 18 Jan 2009

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