Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm here to talk about something that we just don't talk about. It's a difficult subject. In fact it's one of the most difficult subjects there is to talk about. However, the more you do talk about it the easier it is to accept and understand.

That was how Barney Harwood began his introduction to Gone, a Newsround special documentary dealing with bereavement. Barney told us about the fond memories he had of his grandfather who died two years ago. He went on to introduce four children, each of whom talked about their experiences when a close family member died.

The circumstances were quite different for each of the children. Some people have questioned whether it was right to ask young people to participate in such a documentary, but it was handled sensitively and may help other kids to cope with the loss of their own loved ones.

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Anonymous said...

wel.. actually this programme made me cry :'(